Pastor Betsy has been involved in ministry since back when she thought she was going to be a geologist! After college, her life took an unexpected turn when she responded to God’s presence in her life, made the decision to be baptized, and joined a church for the first time. She dipped her toe in ministry as a church volunteer with a focus on youth ministry, learning about faith alongside the students. That volunteer gig turned quickly into full time ministry and Betsy began to serve the whole church, at various times focusing on college ministry, broad church ministry and pastoral care, and more. Pastor Betsy was a Licensed Minister in the UCC, serving The Peoples Church of East Lansing for many years, before graduating from Western Theological Seminary in 2017; she was Ordained into the United Church of Christ that same year. Betsy is thrilled to be Pastor of Haslett Community Church! She is passionate about hearing peoples’ stories, extravagantly welcoming those who feel they are on the fringes of faith (as she did early in life) due to doubts or past experiences, and she believes worship can hold space for joy, lament, learning and more. Betsy is also proud to be serving an Open & Affirming congregation.



A Haslett High School alum, Erin is excited to be serving in the wonderful community in which she grew up. After graduating from Central Michigan University, Erin studied at Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey where she obtained a Masters of Divinity as well as a Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry. Now in her 11th year of ordained ministry, Erin loves working with the children and the youth of Haslett Community Church.



Judy graduated from Albion College where she majored in music education. When she began teaching music for the Haslett Public Schools in 1959, she was excited to become part of the choir at HCC. In 1968 there was an opening in the leadership of the HCC choir. Judy volunteered to step in and lead the choirs for a month. That “temporary” position has extended now for over 50 years! For Judy, making music with enthusiastic adults, children and youth is a great joy. She is thankful that so many wonderful people are willing to share their time and talent as the choirs lead in worship here at HCC.



Barbara is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio and the University of Illinois where at all times her musical interest has been music composition and theory: why and how music affects us as it does. She has taught piano and played in restaurants for many years, living around the country before "alighting" in the Haslett area in 1995 with her husband and son. Though her past musical experiences are varied, Barbara feels she has found her musical calling in music-making in churches. This is especially true at HCC where musical creativity has a chance to grow through numerous musical genres such as traditional, praise and gospel music. She joined the staff in June of 2001.



Michele Booher-Purosky is the new HCC Office Manager, where she leads and coordinates the church events, manages appropriate documentation, and ensures that HCC activities and obligations are in good order. Michele has accomplished much in her career, but she is most known for her ability to create teams, problem solve, master technology, and come to work each day with good intentions and a smile. Michele’s main personal interest is her love for theater. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Riverwalk Theatre in Lansing, MI. She has staged-managed many award-winning productions, and is an actress and singer too! She is also a strong woman of Faith and is thrilled to be working within a Faith-based community. She is married to a wonderful man, Bob Purosky, who honors and encourages her every day. She is the proud parent of three fur babies, one of which is a beloved Greyhound dog she and Bob rescued, named Chloe. Chloe has two cat siblings. Please stop in to say hi to Michele at the HCC Office Monday-Friday between 10 am and 1pm.